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Smart Air Fryer

Smart Air Fryer

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Preparing an elaborate meal after a busy day is often rewarding, but the taste is proportional to effort. For example, cooking a steak to perfection requires measuring its core temperature and adding butter and spices at the right time. Cleaning up grease spills and cast iron cookware follows. But when you're new to cooking, the effort may not always yield the desired result, leading to an overcooked steak and lingering smoke. Kitchen appliances may help, but convenience risks losing your meal deliciousness.

The Drew crew is a bunch of specialist folks who know what it's like to want a delicious, high-quality food without all the hassle. Our team includes nutritionists, top-notch chefs, research gurus, award-winning designers, and skilled engineers. We created a product that lets you enjoy restaurant-level meals with minimal effort. Say goodbye to tedious cooking and hello to more time for what matters most, without sacrificing the quality of your meals.

Let`s take the meat for example. Cooking meat involves heating and categorizing its biological structure, mainly the meat fibers and connective tissues. Meat fibers should be cooked between 115-150 degrees Fahrenheit, while connective tissues require a temperature above 160 degrees Fahrenheit to soften. Therefore, cooking meat can be a trade-off between having a tender texture or transforming the connective tissues. Balancing these factors is crucial to achieving the desired outcome.

a cooking technique that maximizes the balance of every part of the ingredients, based on the user's needs, by combining water and heat. This equilibrium is achieved through a scientific understanding of the ingredients' structures and the utilization of water properties to ensure even temperature penetration at every cooking stage, resulting in perfectly balanced heating.

Let's take the ribeye steak for example. A regular oven or fryer would treat the core and the surface as one, so if you want your steak to have an exquisite crust, the interior is likely to get dry.

As a part of our technology, the state-of-the-art atomization system sprays water mist at 50 microns through your food's surface to ensure even cooking and prevent charring. All you need on your end is to add about 7 oz of water. Moreover, efficient heating in the final stage removes any excess moisture, ensuring that the end product is not overly moist and providing users with the best possible texture of the meat.

is built with steak lovers of all preferences in mind, and guarantees that your steak will be cooked to perfection every single time, no matter what your preferred level of doneness may be. Just follow the easy-to-use interface, select your desired doneness, tap start, then sit back, relax, and voila! You're ready to sink your teeth into the most succulent steak you've ever tasted, perfectly cooked to your liking.

leverages advanced sensing capabilities in the temperature probe to automatically adjust cooking times based on the size of the meat. You can always expect consistent and delicious results, no matter the size or type of food you're cooking.

The chamber was designed with even heat distribution as its core priority. Built-in technology features a powerful heating element that ensures controlled and even heat distribution around your food's surface. With a cooking tray and grilling rack Purposely-designed to evenly cook different food types, , gets cooked evenly every time. No more raw sections. No more gray bands. Just perfectly consistent interior and exterior doneness across every cook.

Cook at your own pace, learn new tricks and tips from master chefs, and succeed at every recipe with detailed, yet easy-to-follow video guides.

Wondering what to have for dinner? Explore the ever-growing menu in the App. Every recipe is carefully designed by experts in food science and master chefs.

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